Have you ever…

  • Wanted ONE platform to have everything in one place and can access anywhere and have all of your devices synced and up to date?
  • Wanted to store all of your files in one place, securely share and store, create and organize?
  • Wanted your contacts, calendar, and tasks all in one place, including your phone?
  • Wanted to be more organized?
  • Wanted to be more flexible with managing your schedule?
  • Wanted to be home more with your family?
  • Wanted to store pictures so you don’t lose them?
  • Run out of room on your phone and needed to save documents and pictures securely and quickly?

What if…

  • your phone breaks?
  • you lose your phone?
  • your child is sick?
  • you have a doctor appointment?
  • you have an emergency?
  • you don’t want to miss work related obligations?
  • you don’t want to have a pile waiting to be addressed when you get back?
  • you have documents, photos, data, etc from an old device you want to transfer?

Know this…

  • You can organize and store all of your documents, projects, and data.
  • You can share with anyone and it can be viewed across multiple devices and platforms.
  • You can edit your documents anywhere, anytime.
  • You can log in using any device with an internet connection accessing all of your data in real time, SECURELY.
  • Our system is compliant with HIPPA, GDPR, CFR, and Federal Data Protection Act guidelines.
  • You can access everything including email from one platform by logging on using a computer or app, being able to control and maintain work, life, and events without being at work, home, school, etc.
  • You can create circles for different groups in your work, life, home, etc.
  • You can share with circles or individuals more easily.
  • There is a calendar built in and will link to any iCal compatible application, and be able to make changes across devices.
  • Using the tasks you can keep a running list of to dos and can cross them off as you accomplish, can set completion percentages, priority, etc.
  • You can customize your account to work for you, your business, your home, etc.
  • You can use flowupload to upload multiple files, folders, pictures, etc. into your account at once.

Sound like something you need?

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